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(GLS - italian project)
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partially supported by

Casa di Cura San Pio X - Milan, Italy

WHO Collaborating Centre for
Cancer Control of Uncommon Tumours


  1. To establish at the Casa di Cura San Pio X, Milan, a centre for the diagnosis, prognostic assessment and management of uncommon tumours, such as soft tissue sarcomas, endocrine tumours, sex cord stromal tumours, mixed epithelial and stromal tumours, tumours of uncommon sites and childhood tumours.

  2. To formulate criteria for the pathological diagnosis, assessment of clinical history, evaluation of clinical course upon which to establish a database to better understand the natural course of these tumours.

  3. To identify experts in surgery, oncology, pathology and radiation oncology to staff this centre and allow for optimal care of patients.

  4. To act as a referral centre for WHO Member States and to allow physicians from their countries to use the centre and its database for diagnosis (as by telepathology and consultations as by computer for treatment and management).

  5. To allow physicians for Member States to visit the Institute for varying period of time or training and research.