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General Information

The goal of the project “rare melanoma” is to collect rarely observed skin, mucosal or visceral melanoma cases (an attempt to list the different type of rare melanomas follows) to reach, with the collaboration of all the participants, a sufficient number of cases to study.

Successively, through polycentric projects, the general features (clinical and pathological), the diagnostic criteria, the therapeutically strategies and, in particular, the natural history of these melanomas will be analysed.
The first phase of the project includes the acquisition of the cases: in addition to the identification data of the person who presents the case (contributor), who will enter the study as a participant and as an author for future scientific publications, there will be the collection of simple data, as age and gender of the patient, site and histopathological diagnosis, which will include the identification number of the histopathological material and the date of the diagnosis, so to avoid the possibility to present the same case twice.

It is also possible (optional) to send one or more clinical or histopathological images (.jpg format), bibliographical references (link references) and Internet sourced information (web resources).Periodically the report of the collected cases and data and the concerning comments and bibliographical notes, etc, will be sent to the participants to the project.


For informations contact:

Dr. Claudio Clemente
Anatomia Patologica e Citopatologia
Casa di Cura San Pio X
Via F. Nava 31
20159 Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 (02) 6951-6440
Fax: +39 (02) 6951-6449
e-mail: info@raretumours.org


Tentative list of rare melanomas

-Melanoma, minimal deviation
-Melanoma, small cell
-Melanoma, nevoid
-Melanoma, spitzoid
-Melanoma, animal type
-Malignant blue nevus
-Melanoma, rhabdoid
-Melanoma, plasmacytoid
-Melanoma, ballon-cell
-Melanoma, signet-ring cell
-Melanoma, spindle cell
-Melanoma, desmoplastic
-Melanoma, neurotropic
-Melanoma, myxoid
-Melanoma, osteogenic
-Melanoma, in children (less than 14 yrs)
-Melanoma, ocular
-Melanoma, primary visceral (mucosal)
-Melanoma, genital (vulva, vagina, penis)
-Melanoma, subungueal
-Melanoma, acral
-Melanoma, soft tissue (clear cell sarcoma)
-Melanoma, in teratoma
-Melanoma, meningeal
-Melanoma, multiple
-Melanoma, associated to other malignant tumours
-Melanoma, in black, asiatic, indian patient
-Melanoma, metastatic without identifiable primary